Benefits of Working with Byzantium Trust

Flexible Deal Structures
Byzantium Trust will consider a variety of transaction structures to insure that sellers’ needs are met. Transaction structures can range from simple purchases of company’s assets or stock in a buyout, to more customized transactions that better meet a business owner’s estate or tax planning requirements.

Cash Transactions
A unique feature of Byzantium’s strategy is its willingness to pursue “all-cash” transactions where appropriate.

All information shared with Byzantium Trust is held in the strictest confidence. As a private company, we are not required to publicly disclose information on acquisitions even after the close of a transaction. Further, Byzantium Trust partners with a small team of external advisors (i.e. legal and accounting), who are committed to the preservation of confidentiality throughout the course of performing due diligence.

Expeditious Closings
Byzantium Trust closes most transactions within 60 days of completing due diligence. Byzantium Trust ‘s ability to arrange financing internally and close transactions quickly is a direct result of our principals’ broad range of contacts in mergers and acquisitions developed over many years.

Operational Autonomy
Following a transaction’s close, Byzantium Trust participates primarily in a company’s strategic management (i.e. long-range planning, securing financing for working capital, expansion and acquisition needs) so as to leverage management’s industry expertise, and the entrepreneurial environment which exists at the operating level.

Investment Process

Byzantium Trust has the resources to close transactions quickly, and will act promptly to:

  • Respond to all opportunities presented
  • Thoroughly analyze investment proposals
  • Identify and understand the needs of the owner
  • Propose a deal price and structure
  • Execute a letter of intent
  • Perform appropriate due diligence
  • Negotiate and execute a mutually acceptable binding contract
  • Secure required financing
  • Close the transaction
  • Work together to grow the business


We have a recognized history of finding creative, mutually beneficial ways to structure and deliver the financing required to close even the most complex or difficult transactions. Over the years, Byzantium Trust has developed numerous relationships within the debt and sub-debt communities allowing us to close transactions with enterprise values exceeding €500 million.

Our equity investments are often sourced from a large group of individual and corporate investors. These investors, many of whom have worked with Byzantium Trust for many years come to us from all over the world. They include CEO’s and owners of some the world’s most recognized and admired companies.

Byzantium Trust’s financial resources and expertise allow us to be flexible in structuring acquisitions to meet a seller’s diverse objectives.

For general questions, we can be reached at: